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We are independent creators.

We are fans of games.

We are adventurers.

We are ourselfs.

We are Byte Barrel.

Our team is maker of games and applications. We are the creators open to innovative solutions. We always put the bar high, that our products are unique. Every day we learn and are looking for fresh patterns. We try to make our work and our actions were associated with creativity. We are flexible and open to new challenges and interesting projects.

Game Jams

The term game jam is a composition of the words game and jam session. A jam session describes the musical act of producing music with little to no prior preparation in an effort to develop new material or simply to practice. In the same way, game jams are events in which game developers prototype experimental ideas into playable games.

In March 2002, video game developers Chris Hecker and Sean Barrett, interested in the capability of modern hardware in rendering a large number of sprites, worked with Doug Church, Jonathan Blow, and Casey Muratori in developing a specialized game engine capable of rendering a massive number of sprites. Hecker and Barrett invited a small group of video game developers to meet in Hecker’s office in Oakland, California for the purpose of creating innovative video games using this newly built engine. Hecker and Barrett named this gathering the 0th Indie Game Jam, a game design and programming event “designed to encourage experimentation and innovation in the game industry”.

We also love this form of entertainment and art creation. Sometimes we can meet on this type of event. The coolest in such events is that not only can you check yourself and compete. First of all there are many amazing people, with whom it is always great fun 🙂 Because it is all about, doing something that you love, and have fun with it.

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